A “hot” web that communicate emotions

 We are looking you so you help us with web 2.0.


First, you may interpreted before follow is going to talk directly with the Brand Manager.

Secondly, it must be of a in version 2.0 or telework thus not takes a business desktop but that would be made in your home or your favorite place.  

Now … If you still having interest and continue reading our proposal, we are looking for a person that gather the following features :  

  • Administered in twitter or facebook or my Space or LinkedIn (minimum) (with 300 followers or friends).
  • To twitee or change of status 5 to 9 times per day.
  • To be predispose with collaborate and exchange ideas.
  • Having passion “ done ” ” and enthusiasm ” for notification “ “.

What is the profile you must have?

Apart from being good person, having Learn about firefox, LinkedIn, wordpress, blogspot, delicious, google insights, You tube, google docs, surfing, alerts and other web applications based [ important you should read :] “if not having idea of what I speak, olvidate, is not for you, will be” [“find another opportunity”].

You would know about marketing, advertising and communication, and, of course; If manejás some English.

Which will be your work?

  • Linking internal and external via Marketing 2.0
  • Efforts associated with the project of entrepreneurship.
  • Seek opportunities to improve the enterprise networking.

What about for you?

  • Remuneration to define According to the profile and skills of each stakeholder.
  • Work in a tip that company allows you to learn and grow.

What do you like but working and earning some money

 Tell us who you are,  what is your life, what are your claims and contanos step what we could improve in La Posta del Aguika, so you can do in this Blog, then, or by mail or of How to whichever you                               HOME




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