Creativity is not a gift that is printed in our genes. Creativity is an attitude, a way other than face life.

IDEAS. They are in the heart of all creative process. However, almost no idea really good comes a moment of inspiration. You can to start of that way – as a small brightness of something special – but for this to work, they have to polishing is. As good cheese, needs to mature. However, the flash inspiration – the time Eureka-is only part of a longer process if ignored, will do the majority of ideas to stay in nothing.



At the beginning of the most projects, there is a mission. In general, is not the best starting point for any project. Your already have the mission and the product

The following, are the brainstorming rules. It is for making this working without problems during the process.

The rules are:

  1. All ideas are equals
  2. We are here to have many ideas
  3. We must not judge them
  4. Analyze the ideas then
  5. Everyone is equal
  6. Should be fun
  7. Must conform to our time
  8. Ideas will be proposed one at a

The four Mystiques

Help you that you environments more in the generation of ideas, we will use the method of the four Mystiques as tools to generate ideas-

Note: this is taken the English and Spanish not all the terms begin with erre.

  • Revolution

Revolution is to give you one idea a round of nut. Take assumptions and turning itor remove it.  By example, a pub has four walls and a roof. and if not walls? But, still had a roof?

  • Re-Expresión

If you express back the idea in a way different or a different point of view? For example. If you are six years and your parents were to buy a Chair for children for the car for you? What makes a Chair for the car? What gaw to your eyes?

  • Worlds related

Think of a world related and uses that world ideas. For example, cooking and gardening. What could happen if we use gardening items to sell more books of kitchen?

  • Links random

Force a connection with a Random object. This can lead to more great ideas-I am sure of Citroën designers were using random links when decided to make 2CV had form of snail.

And now … what?

We hope to read the best ideas from your part in our blog



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