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he crisis requires innovative responses and ingenuity, the market trends to bet by the exclusivity of water.

Now some watermarks are beginning to use Cork synthetic, this material always has been associated to good wines or sparkling wine, this step will attempt to associate the quality as provides the Cork to “eccentric” waters

Seductive mineral Water is the maximum exponent of the exclusivity, its bottle has been decorated with a minimalist style to accompany water extracted over 130 meters of depth and treated with technology of nanoparticulas of silver Colloidal ions.  

It’s a water with an exceptional purity , But what encourages the product is the exclusive container with a design single and a cork synthetic with a special capsule that gives you the guarantee on the product acquires.

BOTELLA                                                    BOTELLA AZUL

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More than 2 years doing product and packaging testing that were more environmentally friendly, both in the reduction of carbon footprint and in the recycling of packaging, we completed the development of water in Tetra brick or cardboard containers multiply, draw in the coming days to the international market.

Containers are perhaps objects more every day, common and necessary as the human being has invented; in so much somehow projected ideology and way of life of a society complete within a given historical period. From the simplest to the more complex design, packaging meets the specific role for which it was created: contain, protect, and inform… dress to the product. And at the end, the packaging helps the movement during the long road which runs through to reach, ultimately, the consumer.

What are we seeking with this cardboard packaging?

Protect the integrity of content (resist compression, falls, moisture, temperature, etc.); keep to the product in time; Defender product against the outside world and vice versa; provide thermal and biological insulation

The most important recyclable and through this to be able to use material for new products in other industries

From the economic face: consider the materials factors; costs of transport and handling; storage, volume and weight, occupying a minimum space in the equivalent distribution to a 95 % of product and 5 % of packaging (the egg shell, for example,  represents 10 %), which allows: a representative savings in fuel, decrease the volume of traffic routes, and build, thus, a less pollution.

From the ergonometric area we want to offer an easy, safe and effective handling for any type of consumed, aseptic cartons do not require refrigeration, saving energy. All the surface of the packaging material sterilizes

From the communication impact area Visual; image adjustment to the product, be more lightweight and its time, able to withstand the requisite load

Environmental requirements the cartons comprise 75-80 % fiber paper that comes from the wood – a natural and renewable resource that comes from industrialized forests where a strategic management that allows Guide applies the planning towards a sustainable growth (each year grow more trees of) (which cut). Most of fibers obtained from small trees or branches that not may be used, as lumber


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      With a minimalist design as it is custom of the mark, each box has a message on each side of the packaging

The front of the packaging has only the a large drop that deposit at the base design

On one sides around an environmentalist message to help understand the consumer because of the Use this type of packaging; and the other side the “Isotipo” brand with all the legal and nutritional product information

In the part of the against front or side later package, an important clarification to demystify than water you can only be exhibited in transparent containers

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